Onshape to Aras Integration


In the realm of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM),the challenge of efficiently importing CAD files to a PLM server has long been a source of frustration. The time-consuming process of importing these files, particularly when dealing with large and intricate CAD documents, can lead to significant productivity losses. This is where our innovative application comes into play, acting as a bridge between Onshape and Aras PLM, offering a seamless solution to this common problem.
Our mission is to revolutionize the way CAD documents are handled, simplifying the import process and reducing it from a laborious, time-intensive task to a matter of mere minutes.
This document will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage this application and the numerous advantages it brings to the table.


Key Benefits:

  1. Efficiency: Say goodbye to the painstaking process of importing CAD files one by one. Our application streamlines this process, allowing you to save valuable time and resources.
  2. Speed: Large CAD documents are no longer a bottleneck. We ensure swift and efficient transfer.
  3. Seamless Integration: Our application seamlessly integrates Onshape and Aras PLM, making the entire workflow more coherent and convenient.
  4. Enhanced Productivity: By automating the import process and reducing manual tasks, you can focus on what truly matters – designing and innovating.

Key Features:

  1. Direct CAD Transfer: Send CAD files and their associated properties directly to Aras PLM.
  2. Simplified Workflow: Enjoy a more straightforward, user-friendly process for managing CAD documents.

This document will guide you through the application’s usage, helping you unlock its full potential and revolutionize the way you handle CAD documents within your organization.


Check-in to Aras

What It Does: This is the cornerstone feature that allows you to seamlessly send CAD files from Onshape to Aras PLM.
Key Benefit: Only released versions can be checked-in, to ensure that only approved
designs are sent to Aras PLM.
In-Depth: You can transfer the entire structure of your CAD, including custom properties,3D and 2D files. The custom properties you send are completely customizable.
Furthermore, you have the flexibility not to send files, as designs can be viewed via the Onshape link, which is also included. This feature also provides version control, ensuring that multiple released versions can be sent to Aras.
Use Case Scenario: Imagine you have just completed the design phase in Onshape; with this feature, you can seamlessly transfer your approved CAD designs, including their structures and custom properties, to Aras PLM for further management.

Edit properties

What It Does: This supportive feature allows you to edit the properties of CAD documents,all within a single, time-saving page.
Key Benefit: You can streamline the property editing process by consolidating it in one location, eliminating the need to open various element property views.
In-Depth: In addition to editing properties, you can link Onshape properties with Aras properties. There’s also an option to apply the same properties to all CAD elements when required.
Use Case Scenario: Picture a scenario where you need to make quick property changes to multiple CAD documents. This feature enables you to efficiently edit the properties of these documents within a single page, saving you valuable time.

Migrate from Aras

What It Does: This feature facilitates the migration of SolidWorks files from your Aras server to Onshape, including the 3D file, its children structure, and custom properties.
Key Benefit: You can easily import existing CAD data from your Aras server into Onshape for further collaboration and modification.
In-Depth: In addition to the essential task of migrating files and their structure from Aras to Onshape, an important aspect to highlight is the seamless transfer of custom properties.
When you initiate the migration process, all the properties you have configured in the settings file will correspond to the properties in Onshape.
This means that the custom properties you have defined in Aras will be accurately reflected in Onshape, simplifying your CAD document management even further. The consistency of properties between the two platforms ensures that you maintain accurate and valuable information during the migration.
Note: Currently, this feature exclusively supports SolidWorks files.
Use Case Scenario: Suppose you have legacy SolidWorks CAD data stored in your Aras server. With this feature, you can seamlessly migrate these files to Onshape, making them readily available for modification and collaboration. Subsequently, you can send the
modified CAD files back to Aras as newer versions.
These three key features collectively transform the way you manage CAD documents. In the following sections, we’ll provide step-by-step guidance on how to utilize each of these features effectively.